For a large number of students/young adults, it is difficult to (remain) comfortable and healthy in body, heart and mind.

student struggles

Lack of self-confidence, energy, motivation, social skills, resilience and enjoyment of life can be cause or effect. And you all know that stress has a big impact.

Circumstances and setbacks, even from a previously stable situation, can really throw a person off track. You can feel alone a lonely. Despondent and sad. Angry and frustrated. All emotions may be coming through in your feelings during this period.

Making choices can also be difficult. Are you facing an (important) choice?

If you could use additional support through a coach in the areas of mental, social and emotional well-being or personal motivation and effectiveness, Bepper allows you to take out a series of Student-coaching sessions .

In a period of a 3 months:

  • 8 coach sessions
  • 60 min. per session, live in the heart of Leiden and/or online via Zoom
  • If desired, additional sessions can be ordered for the student alone or with one or more parents/family members.
  • Experienced and Certified Coach-Trainer.
  • Personalized and customized
  • Reduced rate for (parents of) students

For rates, look here.

Could you use some help and guidance?

  • Work, living, study, relationship, children, future plans………
  • Difficulty in or dividing time, attention, money, energy……..
  • Little satisfaction or not making progress?
  • Are you facing a difficult choice? Do you keep having doubts? Are you postponing your decision?
  • Don’t understand (well) why things are the way they are?
  • Do you find it difficult to make more structured choices, prioritize and know what is really important to you?
  • Want to cope better with a major event? Now what?
  • Don’t remember what you’re doing it for again?
  • Being abroad, missing a save and familiar environment?

You will get attention and discover insights and skills in exactly the issue you are struggling with. This will help you move forward and regain pleasure and success in your (student) life…..

You become more aware of the things that hold you back, what you can and cannot influence, and get concrete tools to take steps toward the improvement you seek.

You are most welcome!

NOTE the intake is session #1. If after this intake session you still decide you do not want to be coached by Bepper, no fee will be charged. If you do want to continue, you will receive an invoice for the entire course and was your intake session #1.