The mirror called Life.

The cycle of a human life is a reflection.

You begin with no words, no control over your limbs, no strength to stand, no control over your bowel movements and no ability to chew. Only through the best understanding, is it clear what you want to communicate when you state without words, what your need is. Hunger, thirst, attention, love, sleep, play…..

The difficulty it sometimes takes to become an independent and well-in-your-skin adult is similar to the difficulty it sometimes takes to say goodbye to your independence and the capabilities of your body and mind.
So sad sometimes.

Today a mother (in law) moves to a closed ward. Or a father (in law). Or a husband or wife without children. Having to let everything happen to you…..Other people who make decisions for you….and less and less control……

This can create a lot of frustration and aggression. A lot of powerlessness, helplessness is felt. Experienced a lot of misunderstanding and it causes a lot of grief.
And áf that is felt, it has to come out.
Or not? Ingestion? Lulling? Accept? Rest?

Despite that much is and can be done, despite many caring caregivers….. I wonder if it is right this way. How much a person has to learn. And un-learning! Continuing education is nothing new, it’s human nature.