Positive Intelligence is the degree to which you are able to direct your behavior and feelings from your positive forces (your “Sage Mode”) rather than from your negative forces (your “Saboteur Mode”).

An overview of the saboteurs

Recognizing when your feeling or thought is caused by your saboteurs is already quite difficult. You are influenced by your saboteurs far more and more often than you may realize. That hinders you in your actions , in your free feeling and in being able to be the person you originally are. Weakening these saboteurs and making the shift to your original wise self (Your positive powers), strengthens your PQ.

But more importantly, it frees you from all fear-driven actions and choices, and gives freedom and peace.

You can read more about this program through this brochure that you can download here.

Positive Intelligence is a program of Sherzad Chamine, a Stanford Professor and writer who developed a program to train this, researched its effectiveness and is bringing it out into the world big and with great support.

You can sign up for a 6-week program through me in which your brain is really trained in this skill. If you want to know more about that, send an email to info@bepper.eu and ask for info on PQ.

You can also take an assessment first to know to what extent you are influenced by your saboteurs. You can do that here

If you would like to sign up for this 6 week program after reading the brochure you can download above, you can sign up here by indicating this desire in the contact form.