Whether you’re struggling with your partner, your co-worker, your family member or your neighbor, improvement is often more possible when an outsider is present.

At Bepper, you are welcome together. We discuss and work on your “problem points” in different ways and get closer to the core through exercises and talking. What exactly makes it so difficult between you? Or just now? Or for so long?


We practice different ways of communicating. How do you become less affected by what the other person does and says? How do you make the other person less affected by what you say or do?

How do you guys actually think about certain things. How do you align when necessary? How do you stay involved and close without going under or selling yourself short?

Want to make it more relaxed? More pleasant? More effective? Then stop by and see what’s possible. Often it gets harder the longer you wait. And sometimes you miss more than you care to. Or does the damage become greater than necessary because you avoid, deny or procrastinate.

Feel free to contact us to discuss options or book your first session together right here The sessions for 2 people last 1.5 hours and will always be charged, so there is no intake. However, you can of course ask your questions over the phone first and decide if you want to book one or more sessions. Usually we agree on 4 sessions for a pair and if desired this is used a 2nd time.

You are most welcome! Should you believe that your relationship is not salvageable (anymore), I can also help you make life after divorce as good as possible. Read more about that here.