Sometimes you get stuck. Walk over. Sometimes you have no idea why. And sometimes you do, but no idea where to start or how to begin to change.

Change sounds a little different for people.
If you are stuck in your ways, thoughts, patterns and beliefs, it can sound like a threatening thing when you may have to “do things differently” or “let go” to achieve change. And especially if you have no idea what behaviors, beliefs and patterns you have. Or, on the contrary, it may not feel “exciting” because you have no idea what you’re getting into.

You may also be stuck in a situation over which you seem to have no control. It can then be difficult to become aware that you do have some choices. And that you can consciously and actively do something with it.

While you want things to be different, sometimes your habits, beliefs and other things inside of you turn on their heels. Or your environment seems to. If you know you need ANY change, come along. Especially if you want to discover

  • what you need then
  • What you can improve about your current situation
  • what purpose you have
  • what choices you want to make
  • what your desired situation is
  • How to achieve a better work-life balance
  • How to balance energy + time + fulfillment
  • What you can do to foster cooperation within your relationship, family, family, team or business
  • What stops you from achieving these things

Need support and impetus for concrete actions and plans? Bepper coaching can help increase insight and awareness, as well as actively encourage breaking patterns and learning new habits.

Online coaching calls via zoom are also possible. In the corona era, much experience was gained with this. Seeing and speaking to each other live is always nicer, but if that is not possible, online is a very good alternative. Both for an intake and for the sessions of a coaching program. This is useful not only during the Corona period, but also for individuals who have difficulty visiting (are abroad, ill and/or not mobile).