Self-confidence for adults

eye contact

Not everyone has as much self-confidence as they would like.

And not everyone is comfortable in a group.

Or not in one-on-one conversations.

Also, trying new things and standing up for what you want can be difficult.

Are you someone who makes room for others? You adapt when you actually want something different yourself? Are you giving more than is good for you?

Or are you not even aware of who you really are and what your needs and boundaries are? And if you do know, cannot communicate clearly or dare to say what you think and want?

Do you feel that you are not allowed to be there with all that you are or that you are not good enough? That you are more or less than another?

That sounds like time for a change! You have as much right to live and live fully as anyone else. But you have to dare to take that right. This can be done in a way that is relaxed and pleasant, and does not have to be done by pretending to be bigger than you are.

In the “Self Confidence for Adults” training we work on that. With a group of up to 8 people, we meet biweekly and work on what makes us stronger. We work according to a set structure with attention and space for each individual. We support each other.

These “Self Confidence for Adults” group sessions take place in the center of Leiden and last two hours each time. If there are 8 people on the waiting list, a group will be formed. The composition remains the same throughout the course to ensure safety.

Will you participate? 10 2-hour sessions, on Monday evenings. The cost is €195 per person.

3+17april and 1+15+22 May 2023! Or Sign up here to get on the waiting list.

If necessary, you can supplement the training with individual coaching sessions or if you prefer to be coached 1-on-1 that is of course also possible. For that, check out this page.