Bepper is a coaching practice that does not work in one way or with one method. Although a whole proprietary method has been developed by me, all known methods and models that can be effective in the given situation are used in regular coaching sessions.

At each moment, I look at which approach seems most effective at that moment. Whether that is a conversational form, a role play, an exercise, an action that involves moving, doing or writing. Sometimes materials are used. It must fit the moment, the subject and the person or persons.

I am not much into terms and use them little in practice. Clear language that is understandable to everyone often comes across better. I am practical and pragmatic but also close to my heart. Sometimes directly but never without reason and never without attention to the other person and the effect on them. Often also gentle when necessary, but firmer when possible. I challenge you but keep looking to see if it is effective and right for you and that what you want to achieve. With respect, patience, insight and attention.