Stress is sometimes delicious. It gives you drive, fun excitement, something is going to happen…. Maybe a goal will be met, people will come to watch, there will be a party…..

Not with you? Is the sweat on your hands? Are you short on time? Do you have to keep all the balls in the air and get Spanish-fueled?

Are you afraid? Nervous? Are you feeling uncomfortable and reacting differently than you want?

There is such a thing as “too. Pressure can be fine, TE pressure is stress. Choosing can be nice, a TE difficult choice is stress. Looking for work can be nice, getting rejected too often is stress. Performing can be wonderful, wanting to perform too much is stress. A deadline…… A team member…. A supervisor…. A boss…. A child…. 3 children….. A relationship…… All fine…and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s too much for you or takes too long.

What causes you stress? Do you know? Can you stop experiencing stress? With it determine your mood? Or don’t you get it (anymore) to put it aside?

Together we find where your opportunities are to influence your situation and mood.

Feel free to stop by for a free intake interview. In my experience, people go home after a session more relaxed and happier than they came in…. Do you want that too? A little better every week……

Coming together is also possible. Often you can help each other recognize signals, acknowledge them and take a time-out. Practicing together then can be very helpful.