At many times you can miss something. Or missing someone. What you once liked is no more. Or what you once could no longer can. Or who you once loved is no longer (with you).

Acceptance often succeeds only after all the emotions have been expressed. When that which is in every fiber of your body has found a way out. And some pains or sorrows remain forever. You can get caught up in it, hide from the world, feel victimized, duck. You can also ignore it, live “over it,” pretend it doesn’t exist.

In all these cases, there comes a time when you are not happier. That you have to work on what has happened to you. What happened. Or just didn’t happen. Before you know it, you miss not only a something or someone, but also yourself. And if you lose yourself, nothing will remain of you.

Sometimes then there are all these images, beliefs or ideas in your head that keep you in that state and you can no longer see where it actually started. And what you need to want and be able to make change in it.

Then you need a mirror. Someone who invites you to see what you are leaving behind. Someone who will help clear your noise with patience, understanding and space for expressing emotions. So that you can see clearly again what is fine. So that besides the not fine, there can always be a 2nd track. Not either one or the other, but one and the other. As you learn to go in and out, to “hop” from one track into another, you can increasingly choose for yourself what you give in to. Where you focus your attention and energy. You are going to find new things with which to fill the void.

I am happy to help you with this process. Feel free to stop by for a free intake. I’m going to do my very best for you.

What can also be done is to sign up for a group. Every two weeks we meet and work together according to a set structure on sharing and healing. With room for each. Something for you? Then sign up for the waiting list here. If there is a group, then we will pick an evening by mutual agreement for this group. The composition does not change, which is safer and better for the process in which vulnerability should be there for all to see…. Read more can through this link: