Picking up on signals is essential. The preventive use of coaching helps prevent a lot of suffering for the employee and reduces the risk of absenteeism.

Even if an employee is not (yet) in danger of dropping out, offering a coaching program can be of great benefit both to the person in question and to the organization. Both will benefit from personal growth and professional growth in soft skills such as communication ownership, skills, self-awareness, leadership, giving and receiving feedback, knowing, monitoring and communicating boundaries, self-confidence and making choices.

Stress causes failure. Be timely and prevent sick leave and suffering for employees!

Bepper offers a subscription for organizations. This has many advantages.


When purchased multiple coaching sessions per year, the subscription provides benefits over Bepper’s already modest rate. A Subscription is cheaper than single sessions.

To optimally prevent dropout, we recommend scheduling a coaching session once every 5 weeks for a year with the subscription for each employee. Keeping a finger on the pulse is then easily possible, and signals that indicate a possible risk of dropping out can be seen and addressed in time to prevent dropout. It also allows room for tension and stress around undesirable behavior, for example, for which your employees then always have a safe external place to call attention to it. Both for the employee and also for the organization, much suffering and damage can thus be prevented.

Subscription price = € 1000 per year.

Price Coaching-Trajectory with Subscription = € 750 (= hourly rate per session € 93.75)

You will receive a refund of the subscription fee if your organization purchases ongoing coaching for a minimum of 15 employees.

(For 10 trajectories, this results in a benefit of €1140, for 20 trajectories, this results in a benefit of €4280).

Price per trajectory without subscription = € 960,- (hourly rate €120,-)

  • all amounts listed here are exclusive of VAT
  • a course consists of 8 1-hour sessions (online or live)
  • Session #1 is intake and is counted as the 1st session of the course. If the client and coach do not experience a click, nothing will be charged.
  • After each track, there is the opportunity to have a short three-way session with the supervisor for alignment and consultation.

The course includes an online environment in which to work on assignments, reflection reports, logbook and more.

Industry knowledge

Bepper has already coached many people working in the Bioscience park Leiden, at Leiden University and from Hogeschool Leiden. Both in Dutch and English. We know the conditions in which employees work and the issues at hand.


By coaching several employees of an organization, a common thread can sometimes be picked up. Without going into the content of the sessions, Bepper can engage in conversation with the organization to bring certain points to its attention. The organization can then use this picked-up signal to decide what they can and will do with it or not. A program can also be designed in consultation where Bepper does a scan of your organization and its training, development and career coaching needs for your organization. If necessary, subsidies from the SLIM scheme can be used for this purpose.

One-stop shop

As a subscription holder, you know who you are dealing with and where you stand. Short lines and quick clear communication. We offer coaching in the areas of Work-Life-Balance, executive coaching, communication and other soft skills.

We also offer sessions for two people where cooperation is uncomfortable. Separately but also together, they can follow a coaching program to optimize interaction and cooperation.

Of course, you are also welcome at Bepper without a subscription. We are happy to visit you to get acquainted.