One of the most important things human interaction stands or falls with is Communication. Communicating can be learned.

You communicate with your whole being. Your voice, facial expressions, intonation, body, words….. Do you know how the other person hears what you mean to say?

Learn to practice and understand how you, or you together, can communicate better.

You communicate in many ways. With your words, your intonation, your expression, your attitude, your behavior, what you did before, or do after, who is there, on paper, through social media and more.

No matter how well you are or seem to be aware of what you are doing, unconsciously you are always doing more. And even if you could be 100% aware of your own way of communicating, the way it comes across to the other person could also evoke very different reactions.

Every situation has a different degree of (dis)tension and therefore a different charge in communication, in whatever form.

Yet there are ways that can help you ensure that frustrations are less likely to mount, tension can dissipate and escalations can be avoided.

Are you coming to practice? It could just be fun. Effective in any case.

If you want to improve communication within your relationship, family or team, you’ve come to the right place.