Due to various circumstances, sometimes things don’t go “well” in your family.

If someone in your family is not comfortable in their own skin, it sometimes affects the relaxed functioning of the whole.

If family members come from different backgrounds, if it is a “blended” family, for example, different habits and manners, as well as loyalties, sadness and anger, jealousy and all sorts of other issues may come into play.

A major event sometimes has a major impact on family members. On each member a different impact and each deals with it in his or her own way and at his or her own pace.

All of these examples require a calm and independent outside view. Someone who gets to work, observes and discovers with family members where things are going wrong. And above all, how it can get better. Learning together step by step to listen, tell, practice and discover that things can be done differently.

Explaining and practicing Transactional Analysis can be very helpful in this regard. That is one way we will work with each other. Learning to wrangle and spin is also likely to be addressed. Each situation and composition requires a specific approach. Therefore, we work on a customized basis and tailor to each moment and situation.

We will do our best to let you live together in a way that gives and has added value for everyone.

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