How are you and yours doing? Effective? Pleasant? Relax? Or is there tension, agitation, unpleasant and negative feelings?

Effective and enjoyable communication through self-knowledge and sight of differences.

Engaging with each other on a topic often goes well. But when things go wrong, it is not always clear what and why they go wrong.

Understanding what is happening and how to do things differently begins with knowing yourself.

During Bepper’s communication training, you learn to recognize what your way of communicating is and what effect it has on the other person. You will also learn how the other person’s manner affects your feelings and therefore your behavior. Becoming aware of this allows you to do something about it.

We make that what happens understandable through exercises on the Bepper Board. You will also learn different communication techniques that we also practice with. You learn to see the differences and deal with them instead of clashing with them.

This training can take place online and live. Because we like to customize and tailor to the situation, the moment and the person(s), we work in small groups or even one-on-one.

We are also happy to come to a location of your choice if you may have your own group for this training. In this case, it is always an organization/company to which the participants are affiliated or employed and which provides a suitable space.

If you would like this training for you alone, for you and your partner/relative/colleague or for a group, family or team, please sign up on a per person basis.

The options for this training

  • For 4 or more persons consists of 5 half-days of 3 hours.
  • For 1 or 2 people, the training consists of 5 “sessions” of an hour and a half.
  • If you take the training individually, the total is 8 hours of individual training.

The training can start anytime there is room and time. You can indicate which days/parts of the day you or you can do well and we will come up with a proposal.
Cost for the training is € 840 including VAT per person.

There is an option to extend this training with a highly effective online learning track (of 6 weeks) where the knowledge and skills of PQ (Positive Intelligence) are learned and practiced. The combination of these two services greatly improves personal (internal) and collaborative (interaction) communication!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Then send an email with your details using this contact form.