My name is Liesbeth Bouwhuis and I am a certified coach. As a teacher, project manager and entrepreneur/consultant, I discovered that I am good at guiding people and processes and writing and implementing business and change plans. Plans that often required me to collaborate and coordinate with many different people. People with different characters, backgrounds, priorities and opinions. A nice challenge to do justice to everyone with the action and approach. In which everyone felt heard and seen and yet knots were cut. Although I found that very enjoyable work, I found time and again that I find it even more interesting to guide people themselves on their quest for “how can (I) do things better or more pleasantly for myself and perhaps also for the other person.

After training as a coach, I started my own practice. In my practice, I coach adolescents, adults, couples, families and teams towards improvement.

I enjoy doing that because I love variety. Each client has his or her own story and character, and it’s nice to find the right tone with everyone and the best way to get the thing done that helps the client. That helps him, her or them further in functioning, enjoying and living (together) as optimally as possible.

You can come to me for many types of coaching. I am well trained as a coach and also certified in Systemic Work/Constellations, EMDR, ACT, a DiSC and Drives measurement, among others. I am currently active with PQ coaching, which is about Positive Intelligence and improving Mental Fitness, a great program that you too can benefit from when you come into my practice.

You can also contact me for career coaching and all kinds of tests that can be enlightening in discovering your possibilities to change (something), choose differently and/or experience things differently.

You can also do Soft Skills training through Bepper through CoachingNetherlands. For more information, contact.

I also work through partners. Bepper is a Partner at Coaching Netherlands and at TalentFirst. If you come to me through them, you will also be billed through them.

As a trainer/teacher, I am CRKBO certified.

Bepper Coaching & Training is an Approved Training Provider for STAP subsidy.

I also developed my own tangible tool and method from that practice. The Bepper Balance Method. A coaching and training method with physical tools and a very unique approach and way of asking questions. The client sees, feels and discovers for himself how things can be done differently. I wrote a book about it and I teach others to work with it. So I am also a trainer.

I not only train other coaches, trainers, facilitators and therapists to work with this method. Attending this training provides PE points for NOBCO, STIR, LVSC, NOLOC and SKJ.

I also provide training for teams of companies and organizations on collaboration, alignment, communication, giving/receiving feedback and project management.

You can read more about this method at the website You can also sign up for training there. Since 2023 it is possible to sign up for an online training in the English language.

I also wrote a book on this method. It’s called “Coaching differently with the Bepper Balance Method.” For example, you can order this here. (The published book is only available in Dutch. English translation will be available in the near future)