Team-coaching, Team-building and Project-building

Working against each other? Or would you rather collaborate and strengthen?

Team-building can involve working from different perspectives.

It can be about the people, the composition, the project or the process.

The goal may be to improve the way we work together or communicate. Dividing tasks and responsibilities (better). Also exploring what it takes to make a project succeed or anything else.

The Bepper Balance Method

  • brings to light what is possible or
  • How people think differently about something and
  • Makes communicating about a topic easier
  • promotes participant ownership
  • Promotes the participation of each team member
  • prevents escalation and promotes understanding and leniency toward each other.

Everyone participates because it is approachable and involves visual and tangible means.

The method helps to focus on the issue without conflict and without digressing, and really work SAME on the improvement that is desired or the direction to be chosen. The trainer is experienced and works with the participants to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere during the training.

The method promotes team member ownership, increases mutual understanding and encourages finding the best approach from within the team members. That means more overview, insight and motivation, all of which benefit the collaboration and the project.

Purpose of TEAM-building or PROJECT-building.

A group of educators at a TNO workshop.
  • improvement in cooperation
  • improving communication, in every way of communicating (online and offline, behavior, words, intonation, reliability, speed, etc.).
  • Organize a project optimally through the proper use of people, ways, resources and frameworks
  • promoting ownership and responsibility toward the person, team members and the goal
  • promoting awareness of one’s own limits and abilities and communicating about them in a positive and safe manner
  • monitoring frameworks and brainstorming without frameworks
  • increasing empathy and mutual understanding

For whom.

The method is suitable for all levels of the organization. An intake meeting takes place beforehand, allowing at least 1 hour to talk about the situation and goal(s). Thus, we tailor the activity to achieve the best results.

Customized Bepper TEAM-building or PROJECT-building involves a maximum of 9 people per trainer per activity. For more people or multiple teams, this activity can be booked in multiples.

In addition to using the Bepper Balance Method for Team-Building and customized workshops for teams, it is also possible to coach the people on a team individually AND as a whole. Hieby, of course, much more attention is paid to the individual on the team.

Great results are also achieved by combining attention to the individual and approaching the team as a whole with the Bepper Balance method. A very good, stable and balanced cooperation can be achieved.

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