Develop your organization by implementing peer review: a powerful method for professional growth and collaboration. Intervision allows your employees to collectively solve issues, challenges and cases, making them better at their jobs and strengthening the team. A competent peer review supervisor can play a positive and effective role in this.
Intervision provides a structured and confidential environment in which employees can share knowledge, experiences and perspectives with each other in an equal manner. This encourages critical thinking, reflection and self-awareness. By listening to each other’s perspectives and ideas, employees can discover new insights and solutions that they themselves may have overlooked.
As an experienced and inspiring peer review facilitator, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to make your peer review process a success.

If you would like to set up peer review in your organization, you can do so through me, start with a presentation and explanation of “What is peer review” to your employees. Then (on a voluntary basis) enrollments can take place and groups can be formed. I organize and encourage participation but will not push. Volunteerism is critical to obtaining safety in the group and achieving positive outcomes for all participants.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and would like to discuss options.