All rates listed here include 21% VAT. *

Coaching rates for individuals

Rates from Bepper As of 01 – 01 – 2024.

For rates of Development Days, see this link.

Pathway 1 person

(intake =session no.1, if you decide not to enter a program, no invoice will be sent.**)

  • Pathway for 1 person; 8 x sessions of 1 hour; € 840.
  • PQ / Positive Intelligence Package (= 8 hours of coaching + 6 weeks of PQ training program); € 1600.
  • Student course, 8 x 1 hour, for 1 person €760.
  • Standard price per single session for
    • 1 person € 110 (1 hour session)
    • 2 persons € 160 (one and a half hour session)
    • 3 persons or more € 200,- (session of 2 hours)

Bepper invoices once a month for the number of sessions taken in that month unless someone agrees on a course of treatment in advance. That’s cheaper per session AND you can book your own sessions ahead yourself on the days and times that suit you best!

Pathway 2 people

For couples, we do not do a free intake.

  • 4 sessions of one and a half hours, Pathway for 2 people € 600 (preferably minimum)
  • 1 single session of one and a half hours for 2 persons € 160.

Compact Coaching, with overnight stays for 1 or 2 people

  • Coaching & Overnachting voor 1 of 2 personen, compact traject met 3 overnachtingen kan over het algemeen niet in het weekend. Dus een verblijf van ma-do of di-vr.
    • depending on length of stay, nights to be booked through AirBnB
    • 4 hours of coaching, hourly rate as indicated above.

Online Coaching

All session and pathways for 1 person can also take place online if desired. We usually do this through Zoom. For sessions and trajectories with 2 or more people, we always assume live session in practice.

In Company team-building workshops, coaching or customized training

Bepper can coach on-site employees and/or members of management. We also have special opportunities to help teams optimize collaboration and communication or prepare a project with a team.

If a collaboration is not going well, we can also provide improvement during a project or collaboration through the unique, de-escalating approach using the Bepper Balance Method.

Feel free to ask about the possibilities or contact us for a customized quote.

* Prices for clients who come to Bepper through third parties or partners may differ from the rates listed here.

**If you do not show up for an intake, you will be charged €75. If you cancel on another session less than 48 hours before the session starts, you will be charged the entire session price.

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