Choices we all make. Whether you are young or old. Every day. Very often we do so consciously, but also often unconsciously.

Not everyone finds choosing easy. Or some choices not easy. You can then delay those consciously or unconsciously. Walking around it with a big bow. Long mulling over. Talking a lot about it. And yet…..

Yet no decision falls. And yet it is or feels necessary……

Are you facing an (important) choice? Are you running into one or more of the following things you are searching for?

  • Work, living, study, relationship, children, future plans………
  • Difficulty in or dividing time, attention, money, energy……..
  • Little satisfaction or not making progress?
  • Are you facing a difficult choice? Do you keep having doubts? Are you postponing your decision?
  • Don’t understand (well) why things are the way they are?
  • Do you find it difficult to make more structured choices, prioritize and know what is really important to you?
  • Want to cope better with a major event? Now what?
  • Don’t remember what you’re doing it for again?

Help yourself take a step forward and come do a one-time Bepper Balance Session. We do that with a Bepper Board.

You will receive full attention in understanding the choice you are facing, the aspects involved in making a decision. This is how you get on with your life……by

– OR your choice,

– Either to understand why that fails and

– letting it go (for now, perhaps).

-to work on what is holding you back.

You can work on the things you have influence over. You may need help with that, too. You can then still enter a coaching program or schedule some individual sessions.