It is often difficult to consult together when you are getting divorced. The situation and atmosphere in which both parties involved are in can be vastly different. One full of sadness and the other on a pink cloud, or both full of sadness, frustration, anger or any other emotion that may come along.

Many professionals may already be involved in your process.

Still, it is important to pay attention to things that may not seem to be an issue right now. Or those that are even now but you don’t really get around to.

You are now rescuing and surviving, processing, planning or still puzzled…. Chances are that all kinds of emotions alternate. All sorts of things can happen and become clear or change in and around the process of separation. All partners involved (and possibly children) may experience this very differently. Sometimes (in-law) parents also play a role.

To discuss now is to relax later

During sessions around this topic, we pay attention to those things that are sometimes not addressed now. Or maybe also. That may be about practical matters, but much more often the way of listening to each other and discovering and facing the differences is central. How choices will be made in the future and when they will be made together and when they can be made separately. And how you handle it together (and/or with your child(ren)) so that it is as relaxed as possible.

To avoid ending up in a “fighting” divorce, it is important that communication and the way you communicate be as optimal as possible for the things that matter to both. And that it is made open for discussion what you might otherwise avoid in the future or keep getting into each other’s hair about.

We pay attention to those things that need alignment but in which you may be struggling, given your current situation and/or your differences. As a result, you may be harming yourself, each other and or your child(ren) more than necessary.

It is sometimes quite complicated after divorce

Prevention is better than cure and sometimes cure is so hard……

It can be handsome when circumstances and occasions always remain in relationships that last a lifetime. Because there are lasting connecting factors; Your child remains your child.

But you also live on so new people will join you in the future. They too must again find, get and take their role in the totality of everything.

Preventing divorce is not always possible or desirable. Preventing perpetual tension and struggle often does.

Get started on this journey and book a few sessions for 2 people or for your family. Feel free to discuss the possibilities.

This coaching program focuses on communication and alignment. Partly it is about practice and a somewhat practical approach. But of course much of what passes is sensitive. There is attention to that. For each individual.

Without space for emotions that are there in each, there can be no clear thinking, choosing and deliberation.

Without room for mutual differences in desires, experiences, vision and priorities, no alignment is possible.

If, after a session together, you need more attention for you alone, that is of course possible. What a person shares in a one-on-one session will never be shared in a session with the (former) partner and/or participating children.

If the divorce is already behind us and the communication and coordination between them is not going according to plan, you can still get this help. You can read more about it here.