Bepper B.V.
Pieterskerkhof 36
2311ST Leiden
Chamber of Commerce 27357395

Bepper B.V., validly represented by the Director E.A.S. Bouwhuis, declares with respect to its services that the following complaint regulations apply.

Are you dissatisfied or want to file a complaint? We are constantly working on our quality and find it very important that you are satisfied with Bepper B.V.’s services.

If you have a complaint, please let us know by phone or email. By reporting this, you enable us to further improve our services.
Bepper B.V. strives to handle complaints properly and will make every effort to reach a suitable solution. Our preference is written notification. Our complaint procedure is described below.

Complaint Procedure

1. Direct solutions are attempted as much as possible. Complaints and/or comments will be handled by the trainer/coach directly and personally whenever possible. If this is not satisfactory, or if you prefer to contact the organization, you can submit the complaint to the Bepper B.V.

2. If a conversation does not resolve your problem or if you feel the complaint does not lend itself to a conversation, you may submit the complaint formally in writing. You can do this by sending an e-mail to or by mail to the above address, stating “Complaint.” The letter will be received by Liesbeth Bouwhuis, owner of Bepper B.V..

3. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the complaint within three days.

4. Complaints will be treated confidentially and addressed within two weeks of receipt. In most cases, the trainer/coach will contact you within a few days to discuss next steps.

5. Should the processing of a complaint take longer than two weeks, you will be notified within these two weeks. It will also indicate the reason for the delay and the expected time frame in which the complaint will be handled.

6. Complaints or comments the manner of handling are recorded by us and kept for at least 2 years.

7. All coaches and trainers of Bepper B.V. are affiliated with the ST!R. If Bepper B.V. does not resolve your complaint satisfactorily, or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may direct your complaints to: Complaints procedure of the complaints committee of the ST!R for the benefit of clients.