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Bepper BV, legally represented by the Director EAS Bouwhuis, declares with respect to its services that the following complaints regulations apply.

Are you dissatisfied or do you want to file a complaint? We continuously work on our quality and find it very important that you are satisfied with the services provided by Bepper BV

If you have a complaint you can let us know by telephone or e-mail. With this notification you enable us to further improve our services. Bepper BV strives for a good complaint handling and will do everything in its power to come to a suitable solution. We prefer a written report. Below is our complaints procedure described.

Complaints procedure

  1. We try to find as many direct solutions as possible. Complaints and / or comments are processed directly and personally by the trainer / coach as much as possible. If this does not go well, or if you prefer to contact the organization, you can submit the complaint to Bepper BV
  2. If your problem with a meeting has not been resolved or if, in your opinion, the complaint does not lend itself to an interview, you can submit the complaint formally in writing. This can be done by sending an e-mail to or by mail to the above address stating ´Complaint´. The writing will be received by Liesbeth Bouwhuis, owner of Bepper BV.
  3. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the complaint within three days.
  4. Complaints are treated confidentially and dealt with within two weeks of receipt. In most cases, the trainer / coach will contact you within a few days to discuss further steps.
  5. If the handling of a complaint takes longer than two weeks, you will be informed of this within these two weeks. It also indicates the reason for the delay and the expected period within which the complaint will be processed.
  6. Complaints or comments the manner of handling will be registered by us and kept for at least 2 years.
  7. All coaches and trainers of Bepper BV are affiliated with the ST! R. If Bepper BV does not solve your complaint properly, or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can turn your complaints to: Complaints procedure of the complaints committee of the ST! R for clients.
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What do clients say:

"I now have a better understanding and insight into why I'm being distracted from my work-mindset so easily, and I now have handles that allow me to deliberately draw a line between work and leisure."

"I am a bit less judgmental, more aware that my perspective is not the only one. I try to pay more attention to myself, my needs and my priorities. This helps me also to approach people differently and to feel less stressed and frustrated in some situations."

"Thank you for being direct and forcing me to think or act differently." I used to avoid questions about my feelings and why I do things. Now, however, I was not able to do so. In a pleasant way you guided me in that. "

"I really like the direct approach, and I have the idea that this coach can design a tailor-made course for everyone and that you will be able to contact her with any coaching question."

"You come across to me as a warm, open coach who can help you figure out what someone is up to and how to deal with this." I found it a huge plus that you can give a lot of concrete tools in a short time. "

"I want to thank you for your insight and wisdom, and especially your faith in me."

"I have become much more aware of myself, how do I come across, but also, why I do the things that I do."

"Normally I can easily beat around the bush with my knowledge and smooth talk, but now I had to switch off my 'talking monkey' because my intuition and gut-feeling participate. This makes me more honest because my subconscious also participates in the session."

"We apparently look at it very differently, at our relationship, and how much we do or do not do together, I find it quite confrontational, I often only feel that you have different needs."

"Our employee has a clearer picture of her own wishes and boundaries and also puts this into practice on the work floor, which benefits everyone."

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