Hi there. My name is Liesbeth Bouwhuis and I have a coaching practice in the centre of the beautiful city of Leiden.

Coach in English, Liesbeth Bouwhuis

In Bepper’s practice, I am used to coaching in English as well. So if you are an English speaker or know the English language well enough, you can come to me if you are looking for a good, certified and experienced coach.

We can arrange sessions both online (via Zoom) and live in my practice in the heart of Leiden. You are most welcome. You can even combine staying over in our B&B and having an intensive coaching program for you or for you and your partner, child, friend and so on. Please look at this page (in Dutch) or ask for the possibilities by sending me an e-mail.

Because I am used to coach many expats and international students, I recognize the problems you may encounter. Feel free to stop by for a free intake. You can register for a free intake via this form.

Praktijk Bepper Coaching & Training Leiden

Warm regards of Liesbeth Bouwhuis.

NB at the moment it is not quite finished so today you may not see the whole site in English. Do you want to read everything in english, then you can type the domain name bepper.eu in the window of this site. You will see all texts and linked links appear in English. Or, if you want, in another language.