Note 1: The information we have elaborated below about the STAP Development Consultation is not yet final.

Note 2: If you are outside the target group, this development track is of course also possible at Bepper, but it will not be reimbursed by the STAP Budget.

Note 3: As of April 1, it is possible to apply. The number of STAP grant paths for development consulting as described here is limited!

What does a (free) STEP Development Consultation look like?
A STAP Development Advice is a career guidance trajectory of at least 4 counseling hours that includes a labor market scan or entrepreneurial scan, resulting in a discussion report and development plan with attention to retraining and further training opportunities.

Who is the STAP Development Consultation for?
The STAP Development Advice is for people aged 18 to retirement age with education up to level MBO 2.

Thus, these are people who have no education, or have primary education, or have a vmbo, mbo 1 or mbo 2 as their highest education. (People with a completed havo or vwo education are not eligible.

How it works.
From February 1, as a career coach, I will be able to register candidates on SZW’s (there is a maximum number per quarter on this). I will then receive a code per registration and with this I can apply for the grant from SZW per candidate starting March 1 (until December 15, 2022, or sooner if the budget runs out).

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