As a coach, I am a SoftSkills expert at SoftSkillsNetherlands. As a result, Bepper can offer you the following;

The three steps of the Soft SkillsTraining

It’s impossible to train your soft skills when you don’t know where your challenges lie.
With the Soft Skills Assessment, we provide insight into your soft skills so you can grow purposefully later on!

Wondering how to take your personal and social skills to the next level in 3 steps?

Soft Skills training process | Soft Skills Training Netherlands

1. Self-knowledge from assessment

The Soft Skills Assessment is a 64-question learning test that will give you a complete understanding of your (inter)personal and social skills.

2. Development plan with certified coach

Now that you know where your challenges and strengths lie, the next step is to roll out your soft skills development plan with the help of a certified trainer/coach.

3. Put soft skills into practice!

Now that you know what soft skills you have to develop, it’s time to realize your goals. You do this by putting what you have learned into practice and reflecting on it with your coach.

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“How to Develop Your Soft Skills”

Good that you want to get to know yourself better by exploring how your personal skills (soft skills) are developed and how they relate to each other.

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