Hello dear ones!

From ❤️te congratulations, you have SOLVED the cryptogram!!! Don’t give anything away to the others, they will naturally end up here too….. 😉

Handsome work! In order to provide you with a saint Christmas present, we searched for something appropriate.

You are all full of plans and work. We love that! Glad you are such active, beautiful, sweet people!

Unfortunately, because of this, we could not all be together at the same time on this occasion this year, for all of us to cook, chill and catch up. That is why we want to meet in one place and that is here. Through the solution of our cryptogram.


For Bert, Jasmijn, Wouter, Lindsay, Rein and Liesbeth

in Leiden, we have arranged 2 massages per person of your choice, of 1 hour each, to add a few moments of rest in the stressful and busy life.

you/we can book that at Klein-Massage in leiden.

Go to https://kleinmassage.nl and click on Book a massage.

Username FamStrijker, password pkh36Leiden

Choose your massage type, day, time and book. Confirmations go to Rein’s email address, so make sure you put your reserved massage in your calendar yourself!

For Josephine & Reinout

have arranged a place for massages in Utrecht. But it could be something else, and it could be anywhere else…. Your joint voucher can be downloaded here.

For Mieke

we’ve picked out some things to do in Budapest….This is what you’ll do Book and/or go, enjoy, take a selfie, checkout, send a tap and we’ll pay right back.

  1. A 2-hour horror-vampire tour of Budapest’s castles and walls and cellars, reservations can be made here.
  2. A delicious lunch for 2 at a high level, here you can spend €60 at our expense
  3. AND you will still have €30 to spend in cake heaven with a friend/acquaintance!!!

And finally for Rosalie

There are presents hidden for Rosalie…….. 😉 We made a song about it….. listen…..