How often do you talk to your child? With your partner? With your team member? Your father?

Often we repeat questions like “how is it” or “how was today” and sometimes all we get is an “okay” or “fine hear”…..or when things are bad “crappy”….. People often easily tell what’s on their minds. And sometimes that’s not much.

How would it be if there was a tool that would get you much more engaged in conversation. Without your interlocutor having to say much at first. Or without you having to say a lot in the beginning?

Not everyone finds it easy to ask questions.

And Not everyone finds it easy to tell and share what is going on inside them.

The Bepper Board is then a very convenient and accessible tool.

In conversation about the future?

Writing words, reading aloud, weighing, discovering and sharing…. It may sound a little strange to you, but it is simple, fun and effective. It ensures that you and your interlocutor both see what is going on, what it is like and what you can do with it.

At Bepper Coaching & Training, I teach you how that works in 1 to 4 sessions. I apply it to you and teach you to apply it so that you can do it again with your child, partner, family member, friend or colleague.

What is going on with your employee/team member?

The price of this training and learning to use this tool includes Magnetic Bepper Board. It can also be done with Wooden board but then the price is higher.

One session including Magnetic Bepper Board is €195 and lasts an hour and a half. If you choose 1 session online then €6.95 shipping costs will be added.

The price of 4 sessions (1 x 1.5 hours and 3 x 1 hour) including Magnetic Bepper Board, is 495,- (incl VAT) If you choose 4 sessions online, the shipping costs are free.

A Wooden Bepper Board (with ingredients) instead of a Magnetic Bepper Board (with ingredients) is €80 extra.

The sessions can be live at the practice in Leiden, or online. If necessary, I can also come to your location and give the sessions to more people at the same time, but there is an additional cost.