Sometimes you want to go out for a day. A day a little different than usual. You can go to the sauna or take a walk in the woods. You can do a course or workshop or go to a museum…. The possibilities are endless. If you go together then a lot of fun is involved. If you go alone, it is already more difficult for some people to do these things.

Alone or together, you can also do something very different.

But what if you develop yourself in one day? Feel better about yourself? Discovered new energy and opportunities to improve your own situation and options?

You can do that on a Development Day at Bepper.

What does such a day look like?

  • You are welcome from 09:15
  • We really start at 09:30 and finish at 17:30
  • The group consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people per day.
  • After a brief introduction, we start by mapping out the things that concern you. Through the Bepper Board, you choose your focus-of-the-day.
  • You get to work on your focus-of-the-day. This is done through various exercises, sometimes for you alone, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in the group. Various methods and forms of work will be used, but in particular we will make use of Positive Intelligence to let you look, feel and discover from different angles how you can move forward with regard to your focus-of-the-day.
  • All Development Days have the same structure. As a result, the day proceeds with clarity and familiarity. Yet each time you participate for a day, it provides new things because your focus-of-the-day will be different each day. Also, some parts of the structure are slightly different each time. And there will be a different dynamic each time that gives new beautiful things.
  • At the end of the day, we say goodbye for now and you go home with new energy, new insights and concrete actions related to your focus-of-the-day.


A focus-of-the-day is the choice you make from all the things that concern you. Many people always have choices they face in multiple areas, things they are up against or stuck with. Or patterns they just can’t seem to break. Interactions with people that are not going well. Not daring or doing well. It can be about anything; from practical things and choices to deep-seated wishes and desires. From work-related things to relationship and parenting. From things of the past to things of the future. Anything goes. To make a good choice about what is the best focus for you at the moment of this day, we first map out all of these things and give them all a little bit of attention. This is not only useful, but also nice and sometimes fun. You will find that during this part of the day, it becomes very clear to you where your priority for the day can best lie…..


  • You bring your own lunch (in most cases) and you can eat it in our kitchen or in the garden if weather permits. You can also (at location Leiden) walk into town to have something to eat on a terrace. That way everyone gets what they like and can and do eat and we keep the price affordable. You can, however, use the refrigerator and microwave to cool or heat something.
  • Bepper organizes this day about once a month. You can sign up for 1 Development Day, but you can also decide, after the first time, to join once a month or once every two months. This is how you continue to develop and stay connected in your development process with other people who are developing.
  • The Development Days take place in Leiden (heart of the city center) and soon in other locations around the country. If you participate multiple times, you can choose where to go each time.


  • € 195,- 1 single Development Day (incl. VAT and coffee/tea/refreshments) (EXCEPT THE FIRST TWO PILOT DAYS IN APRIL 2024, which are € 100,- pp)
  • € 155,- per day for a subscription where you participate in a day 5 times a year (per month you pay € 65,- by direct debit.)(incl. VAT and coffee/tea/refreshments) (renewable after 1 year or terminable per month)
  • € 110,- per day for a subscription in which you participate one day 10 times a year (per month you pay € 91,- by direct debit.)(incl. VAT and coffee/tea/refreshments) (renewable after 1 year or terminable per month)

Sign up today and get involved! It will help you and do you good. Together you’ll get further….

Use the date link on the right (or at the bottom if you’re on your mobile)to reserve your spot on one of the next development days.

NOTE if you register for a development day, you will be notified at least 1 week in advance if there are not enough registrations and the day will not take place. You then always have the choice, either your money back, or move on to the next date.