Already awake from your Corona Winter hibernation?

Do you like to hide? Or do you dare to show yourself (again) in the world?

For many people, it is a bit difficult to get used to live interactions with people “all over again.
Having to keep distance literally means that many people also keep distance figuratively. Less contact and more withdrawn into yourself and your own immediate environment.
Daring to touch people, being familiar with each other, being together in a relaxed way with acquaintances and strangers, that has fallen by the wayside. Tricky anyway for many people who are somewhat insecure or shy…. Or if you don’t feel so good about yourself…. Taking the initiative and becoming active can be quite difficult then.
Here are a few tips from me:

  • Go outside. No thinking about it, no waiting until you have a goal, just get your shoes on NOW and go.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you find it difficult. You may.
  • Call or App someone and suggest coming over for a cup of coffee or tea. Chances are that person will find that cozy.
  • Schedule dates long in advance. Then it can often and there is bound to be something. If you want something with someone NOW, it can be a disappointment when it can’t happen and then sometimes (so) nothing happens.
  • Share with others that you find it exciting or difficult and ask them to help you.
  • Discuss how you will greet each other when you see each other again (after a long time?). Above all, say what you are comfortable with.
  • Do your shopping at the small stores. It’s easier to have a chat there. And then also do that more often so that people recognize you.
  • Do something nice for another person. Not only because it’s fun for the other person, but also because it helps you.

Are you struggling to cross the threshold? Often, doing is the best option. And WITHIN. Every moment you wait is a moment you give yourself room to make excuses that allow your fear or insecurity to get in the way of healthy and/or enjoyable action. Try it…. You really can do it!

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