New site, just like that….

Sometimes you put things off. And often that is not a problem either. You don’t look at it for a while…. And it will be fine. Later, when you have time, when the right time comes, you’ll do it….

Until…you look away for too long…. And suddenly it turns out that things aren’t working the way you thought. For example, the old Bepper Coaching website apparently did not allow registration for ages. So I wasn’t getting new clients directly through this site. Only through and and other sites where Bepper can be found.

So then suddenly there is a need. I like to address that right then. Preferably, I work through a few nights and then it’s finished. Then in my spare time I can sit quietly again…. As long as it is not finished, I want and need something….

That’s an old pattern. I’ve learned a lot and sometimes I can do things differently. But now, I find that I also love doing it the way I’m used to…it’s my way. And I enjoy it. As I write this, it’s already late. Just like last night. But my energy is no less. I keep writing and I enjoy being allowed to give in to something my way right away and then keep going until it is finished. Lovely. Fortunately not everything has to change and not everything has to be the same for everyone…..

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